Restaurante Rodizio Papalús - Lloret de Mar, grilled meat and quality at the best price.

Restaurante Rodizio Papalús Lloret de Mar

A look at the past

about the history of Rodizio...

  • 997


    Born on the XVIIIth century, the "gaucho" is a cowboy from the south american prairies, their origins related to the historical and social economic conditions of the cattleing from Northern Argentina, Southern Brazil and Uruguay in a natural geographical area. The word "gaucho" comes from the quechua language “huachu”, which means orphan, outcast or wanderer. The spanish settlers transformed the word to “guachos” and in southern Brazil “gauderio” o “gaúcho”.

  • 1830


    Between 1835 and 1845 the Farrapos Revolution kept the "Rio Grande do Sul" territory independent from a brazilian nation still taking shape; Only ten years before, the "Farroupilha Revolution" had declared the indepence over Portugal. It was common for youngsters coming from current regions of Argentina, Brasil, Paraguay & Uruguay to find a job smuggling cattle & leather between those still blurry borders.

  • 1889


    “All along those windy prairies, the legendary "pampas", the gaucho with his horse still takes good care of the cattle and sheep which made "Rio Grande do Sul" rich for the first time." As they had no food preservation means, the gauchos would gather after slaughtering a cow and they would cook all the meat portions on a wood fire. Juicy, tasty slowly cooked meat in order to keep all their juices inside.

  • 1950


    The first football league champion of Brazil, happened in 1935, two years after the proffesionalism in brazilian football. The championship final was held on november 17th, Parque de St. George, abroad game. Its result was 2 - 0 against Corinthians. Goals scored by Raúl Cabral Araken Guedes and Zahra. This way, Santos FC won its first Paulistao Championship.

  • 1962


    Legend says one confused waiter started mixing orders at some steak house. Those who ordered ribs got chicken, those who ordered tenderloin got sausages and so on. Amongst general confusion, guests started to get really mad at the poor waiter, so in order to save his neck he started to serve all guests with a portion of all meats served at that place. Anger became joy among all clients who happily accepted the gesture. This way is how Brazil got their own internationally serving sytem.

  • 2006


    Restaurant Rodizio Papalús opens in Lloret de Mar;
    Unique environment sorrounded by lush gardens, guests' parking place, terrace, wi-fi and a gorgeous swimmingpool for you to enjoy on warm Costa Brava summer days.
    And the most colorful shows & ambiance during the night.

Our Grill, Our Touch

Carnes, Ensaladas y Un extenso buffet

A Gastronomical Journey

Dining inn Rodizio Papalús Restaurant you are experiencing Brazil's history. Taste the unparalleled brazilian grill and the home-made salads and starters.
Enjoy a good wine or have a gordeous caipirinha at the bar.

Rodizio Papalús is not only a restaurant but a culinary adventure where you will discover new exciting flavours.

Get confy, sit down and dine like the legendary gauchos from the last century, enjoy the delicate taste of the best "churrasco" and brochettes prepared with best quality meat over a slow cooking grill.

Quality Indredients

Best brazilian and mediterranean flavours


In Restaurant Rodizio Papalús you will enjoy an extense selected salad and starters buffet, with fresh quality ingredients to take your senses from the mediterranean to the brazilian latitudes.

Our experienced multi-cultural chefs love their trade and the language of flavours, and that is their gift for you every night.

Get ready for the brazilian grill, churrasco, meat, steaks and tenderloins served the traditional sword way. Cooked over a slow fire and served directly onto your plate. Between paradise and gluttony.

Legal Note

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